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Turn-Key Homes

Not available in all areas.

Our Turn-Key Investment Program is for both the new and experienced investor who would like to participate in the market, but would prefer not to deal with finding, rehabbing, selling, renting, and/or managing the property.

Many investors have the capital to invest, but really don’t have the time to do the due diligence essential for a successful investment.  With our assistance, you will have access to making an informed decision.  We can save you time by performing all the required work from start to finish, which saves you valuable time and allows you to devote your time to running your business or taking care of things you do best.

The Program:

1.       Consultation:  Since each client’s investment interest differ, we will consult with you to understand your goals.  Our next step is to identify the appropriate properties which fit your financial plan.  Based upon whether you are investing for “Cash Flow” or to immediately ”Flip” the property for a profit some property may be more suitable to meet these goals more so than others.


2.       Locating Potential Deals: We will evaluate the property in your area of interest that meets your financial goals.  We will pull comparable sales records in the area to establish the true market value of the property and then also estimate costs of repairs, to establish a true investment costs for the property. 


If you are purchasing the property to “Fix and Flip”, we will do a cost study to take into consideration your costs of money, management fees, realtor commissions to sell the property, as well as other related costs to give you a true picture of the profit potential of the property including profit projections based upon how long it takes you to sell the property.


If you are purchasing the property for cash flow, we will run projections of your monthly cash flow after expenses such as taxes, cost of money, insurance, repairs and management fees.  We will also give you sale projections showing the potential profit should you decide to sell the property in 1, 2 or 3 years in the future, providing you an optional exit plan in the future.


3.       Purchase Negotiations:  Our next step now that we know the true potential is to negotiate the price and take care of related matters to buying the property and dealing with the seller and closing.  Having built a good working relationship with the banks and investment groups we are able to get the best possible prices.  If we are unable to purchase the property at a price that makes financial sense based upon our projections, we will end negotiations and move on to the next deal.

4.       Repairs & Project Management:  Some investment properties will require some work prior to selling, which means dealing with contractors, figuring out repair costs and overseeing the entire project start to finish. Making repairs is where many things can and do go wrong. Having someone experienced in rehabs can and will be essential to your final profit margin. We can assist or oversee your entire rehab project whether it's cosmetic or major rehabs.


5.       Property Sale/Finding Buyers: Depending on the investment strategy chosen you may need to “Flip” or sell the property in order to receive a profit. We have several key marketing strategies in place to quickly find a buyer and sell your property to free up your investment so you may move on to another property.


6.       Property Rental & Management: As an investor, you may choose to rent or lease the property out for a “Cash Flow” investment. We have experienced property management companies in all areas which find the tenants, sets up the rental contract, collect the rent and manages all the details of your investment property for you.


To find out more about our Turn-Key Investment program please call or email us.